Telephone Cabling

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 Phone Line Installations, Diagnostics, Repairs and MDF Jumpering 

Telephone Cabling Installation

Good communication is a must these days. If you are facing crackly phone lines and or internet dropouts, you have come to the right place. We are the telephone cabling experts in Perth. If you need phone line repairs, phone point repairs, an ADSL central filter installed, extra phone points or MDF jumpering in your home or office, we can help.

We know how to detect where the fault lies, so you don’t have to make pointless upgrades, replacements & changes. We are fast and efficient in responding to our clients but we don’t rush through our phone repair or telephone cabling services. 

No quick fixes from Absolute Cables & Communication. Our telephone cabling team in Perth ensures that we offer tailored solutions that are here to stay!
New cabling for communication

Phoneline Repairs

Staying connected is so important these days and if you experience issues with your telephone cabling it can be a real problem, particularly if you are running a business that relies on communicating with your customers via telephone and email. At Absolute Cables & Communications, we take phone repairs seriously and we know how to detect where things have gone wrong, we only perform necessary repairs.

As our technicians are highly trained and experienced, they’ll get your phone line repairs done right the first time. We are fast and efficient in responding to our clients but we don’t rush through our phone line repairs or telephone cabling services. This means you don’t have to be offline for long and can get your business or home life back on track as quickly as possible.

Absolute Cables & Communication, phone line repairs team in Perth offers tailored solutions that you can rely on!

MDF Jumpering Perth

MDF (main distribution frame) jumpering is a framework that houses the intersection of network cabling lines which joins the buildings cabling to the external cabling – enabling your internet or telephone cabling provider to install new phone lines to the housing unity or office block.

If you are living in an unattached house, chances are you will have direct phone cabling installed on your property. However, if your home is an attached townhouse, villa, or a unit then your telephone cabling could likely be connected through a MDF cabling system. This would also be the case if you are looking to place additional lines into an office block. They are ordinarily located in a common area of the premises and you will need to have access to this in order for our technicians to come to your property to perform the MDF jumpering.

So, if you are looking for MDF jumpering at your home or office block, then contact our team at Absolute Cables & Communications and our expert technicians will ensure you receive the highest quality service and workmanship.
New cabling for communication

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